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About Us

AIDS Resource is a non-profit organization that provides free HIV prevention programs, free HIV and STI testing, and assistance to those infected with, or affected by, HIV or AIDS. Founded in 1988 by community members concerned about the plight of people dying from AIDS in Lycoming County, AIDS Resource began with the mission of providing culturally-sensitive support to people infected with and affected by HIV or AIDS and to prevent further infection through education and outreach programs. As more effective treatments have dramatically increased life expectancy of those infected with HIV, our agency’s mission has expanded to include connecting clients with resources they need to live with HIV or AIDS, as well as providing prevention, education and testing to at-risk populations. Our efforts expanded from Lycoming County into Snyder, Union, Clinton, Centre, and Potter Counties. In August 2018, our efforts expanded again and include our newest service areas: Elk, Cameron, Clearfield and McKean Counties.




Free, confidential testing for HIV with a quick finger-stick.  Results in less than 30 minutes.


Free condoms and prevention programs for the community.


Educational and HIV 101 programs for schools and community groups.

Connect to Care

Free resources to help those living with HIV or AIDS live a more healthy life, including connecting clients to medical care, counseling, support groups, and other social services.

AIDS Resource relies heavily on donations to help us continue our mission. AIDS Resource is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-exempt to the extent provided by law. During fiscal year 2009-2010 (the most recent year for which this data is available), 98.1% of AIDS Resource’s expenses went directly to support its programs. (65% is the Wise Giving Alliance’s Standard for Non-Profit Responsibility; more than 85% is generally considered extraordinary performance) so you can give confidently to AR, knowing that your donation is being put to best possible use. Donations can made in the form of cash, checks, planned or deferred gifts or in-kind gifts. Please make your check payable to: AIDS Resource and send to 500 W Third St, Williamsport PA 17701. You can also donate securely online.


They’re not just some agency that “does something.” It’s that and so much more. They cultivate life-long bonds. The staff genuinely care.

AIDS Resource Client

This program has been my lifeline. I really get a lot from talking with Theresa. She is there with me through good and bad times.

AIDS Resource Client

Erik has been ABOVE outstanding in service. I know I would not have lived this long without him.

AIDS Resource Client

I have been a client of AIDS Resource in Williamsport for over five years. AIDS Resource has provided me with a second family.

AIDS Resource Client

Staff Directory

General Inquiries – info@aidsresource.com

Amy Harada, Assistant Director – aidsr@aidsresource.com

Amanda Tyler, Case Manager/Testing Specialist – amanda@aidsresource.com

Dennie Fetzer, Client Assistant (State College) – dennie@aidresource.com

Erik Fetter, Case Manager/Testing Specialist – erik@aidsresource.com

Hannah Krammes, Case Manager & Community Outreach/Testing Specialist – hannah@aidsresource.com

Jamie Plocinski, Counselor – jamie@aidsresource.com

Jessica Annis, Research & Program Development Coordinator – jessica@aidsresource.com

Jolene Drum, Case Management Assistant – jolene@aidsresource.com

Kirsten Burkhart, Executive Director – kirsten@aidsresource.com

Liz Fink, Office Manager – lizfink@aidsresource.com

Logan Minnich, Client Services Coordinator, logan@aidsresource.com

Lu Ann Catherine, Bookkeeper – luann@aidsresource.com

Megan Bloom, Marketing/PR Coordinator – megan@aidsresource.com

Michael Moran, Case Manager Assistant – mike@aidsresource.com

Rebecca Huffman, Compliance Coordinator, rebecca@aidsresource.com

Robin Dadzie, Senior Case Manager – robin@aidsresource.com

Sigfried Aragona, RN, Clinical Case Manager/Sexual Health Specialist – sigfried@aidsresource.com

Theresa Hrzic-Colimon, Case Manager/Connect-to-Care Coordinator/Testing Specialist – theresa@aidsresource.com

Wes Chicko, State College Practice/Outreach Manager – wes@aidsresource.com 

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