Williamsport 570-322-8448 or State College 814-272-0818 info@aidsresource.com

AIDS Resource provides a variety of services to clients living with HIV. Our mobile case managers help clients navigate the healthcare system, gain access to insurance, and engage in other support services.

We take a holistic approach and assess individual needs to create a tailored model of service.

Client Services


Case Management Program

Our case management program provides one-on-one education and services that connect clients to medical and social services based on their needs to promote health and well-being. Generally, this involves monthly face-to-face contact, which is necessary to access most support services; however, telehealth visits may be substituted as necessary to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. To get started, please call the Williamsport office or the State College office to schedule a case management intake.


Medical and Dental Assistance

We provide payment for medical and dental services to eligible clients. We partnered with an optometrist to provide free eye exams, and we provide financial assistance with eyeglasses. Case managers can assist with coordinating medical and dental appointments. If you like, we can attend scheduled appointments with you.


Mental Health Services

At AIDS Resource, we believe quality medical and mental health care go together. We help connect clients to mental health professionals of their choice. The agency also assists with financial expenses associated with these services, such as copays and deductibles.


Advanced Care

This program addresses age-related medical conditions and psychosocial issues that our aging clients face. Through a comprehensive age-appropriate program, we aim to enhance daily function, quality of life, health outcomes, and much more.



To ensure clients attend medical or social service appointments, AIDS Resource will (1) reimburse clients for mileage, (2) provide bus tickets or tokens to help with transportation, or (3) have staff members drive clients.


Housing Assistance

We offer eligibility-based housing assistance programs that help clients with security deposits, rent, or mortgage payments. We also help with emergency financial assistance for housing and utilities.


Nutritional Needs

We understand that nutrition plays a significant role in health, and we are committed to helping our clients access healthy foods. We ordinarily provide food assistance to our clients through our food pantries. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we immediately closed our food pantries. In lieu of this service, we are delivering food directly to our clients until further notice.


Other Available Services

  • Access to a registered nurse
  • Auto repair assistance
  • Budget counseling
  • Client social activities
  • Higher education book voucher program
  • Mail-order pharmacy
  • Medication adherence counseling
  • Tobacco dependence treatment aids to help stop using tobacco products
  • Assistance with emergency veterinary bills


To be eligible for our HIV support, you must:

  • Have a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS
  • Reside in 1 of the 10 counties we serve
  • Enroll in our case management program